Powell Sonaré 705 Series Flute, Aurumite Headjoint with B Foot For £3,199.00

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Where luxury meets expertise. Elevate your playing with Sonar 705 from Powell Flutes. By combining unique materials with high-quality craftsmanship, the Sonar 705 is perfect for any discerning flautist.

The jewel of your flute. Coming equipped with an Aurumite head joint and lip plate, the 705 flute will transform your tone. Meticulously handcrafted to perfection, the Aurumite will add extra depth to your sound while being full of nuance and personality.

To complement the head joint, the body, and foot joint are made from sterling silver. Once combined with the silver plated mechanism, the Sonar 705 will transform your playing to the next level.

Full Description

The Prowess of Aurumite

Crafting Aurumite is an art. Producing this precious metal consists of 25% 9K gold merged with 75% sterling silver. It is then Powell’s meticulous and accurate manufacturing process that fuses both materials to produce such a flawless metal. The first thing you’ll notice when you see Aurumite is how spectacular it looks. Visually similar to rose gold, an Aurumite head joint will become the crown jewel of your flute. Only once you start playing it will you begin to appreciate it further. Immediately you will be amazed by the amount of tonal colour it can produce, alongside the volumes it can reach. Crafted by masters, played by artists, Aurumite is the material to take you to the next level.

Attention to Detail

It is Powell’s attention to detail that produces such a beautiful instrument. The sterling silver body provides a more centred sound for a wide range of performers. It holds notes well and is extremely reliable with a greater depth of sound. Boasting a professional B foot joint, the 705 is great for those needing to take the next step. This foot joint enables you to expand your repertoire and play more 20th century and contemporary music. Once combined with the silver plated mechanism and 10K white gold springs, you will realise the 705 flute is made to impress.

Modern Powell Scale

A flute’s scale has a huge effect on intonation and balance. The placement and size of the tone holes are the primary determinants of the scale. Sonaré flutes include the renowned Modern Powell Scale. They are produced at Powell’s Maynard, Massachusetts, workshop, using the same patented technology used to produce Powell’s professional gold flutes.

Included Accessories

To ensure your Powell flute stays in its best condition, the 705 comes with everything you need to look after it. To protect your instrument while commuting, a French style flute case is included. For added protection, the 705 includes a soft carry case which makes transportation easier and comfier. To make sure your flute lasts as long as possible, it should be cleaned regularly. This is why the Sonaré 705 comes with a maintenance kit that includes a swab stick, gauze swab, and polishing cloth so you can keep your new flute looking brand new.

About Powell Flutes

Since their founding in 1927, Powell Flutes has been a leader among makers of professional flutes and piccolos. Verne Powell opened his first shop at 295 Huntington Ave in Boston Massachusetts, just down the street from the famous Boston Symphony Hall. The first ten flutes made by Mr Powell were owned by some of the most famous American flautists of the time, including William Kincaid, Arthur Lora, and John Wummer. By 1930 Powell flutes were part of major orchestras in Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, and Philadelphia.

Today the workshop is in Maynard, a small town just outside Boston. The shop occupies one floor of a building that was originally a woollen mill. Much like the workers who originally occupied the building, the flute makers continue the New England tradition of craftsmanship and a devotion to making the highest quality instruments. Every day they employ a strategic combination of handcrafting, technology, and a little bit of magic that enables you to explore your musicality.



  • Body Material: Sterling silver
  • Keys: Nickel silver
  • Headjoint Tubing: Aurumite
  • Headjoint Lip/Wall: Aurumite
  • Headjoint Style: Signature
  • Body Plating: Silver
  • Key Plating: Silver

Design Features

  • Arms: Pointed
  • Springs: 10K White Gold
  • Cups: French (open)
  • Scale: Powell
  • G Keys: Offset
  • Split E: Yes

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