Welsh National Opera Unveils ‘Creating Change’ Film Series

09 December 2020 74 views 0

By David Salazar

The Welsh National Opera has announced the launch of “Creating Change,” a series of films aimed at exploring the role of the arts in times of crisis.

The five films highlighted include “Death of a Fool” by Edson Burton, “The Pledge” by Shreya Sen Handley, “Stories for Change” by Sarah Woods,” “If heaven is her father’s land, her father can keep it, Bones, and Fragments” by Eric Ngalle Charles, and “A Change Gon Come” by Miles Chambers.

Currently, “The Pledge” and “Death of a Fool” are the furthest along in development and set to music by Eädyth and Kizzy Crawford, respectively. “Death of a Fool” stars tenor Ronald Samm while “The Pledge” features soprano Natasha Agarwal. Both works feature accompaniment by musicians from the Welsh National Opera orchestra.

“We are living in unprecedented times. International crisis has exposed the inequalities and injustices in our society more starkly than ever before. Growing economic, social, and physical uncertainty has shifted the ground beneath us,” stated Welsh National Opera producer Maris Lyons in a press release. “As a national arts organisation rising to the challenge of the new normal yet still unable to perform live work in theatres, we are feeling more keenly than ever that bringing artists and ideas together through freedom of expression, helps us make sense of an unstable world. ‘Creating Change’ is an artistic conversation of this kind, where writers, composers, singers and musicians, celebrate the role of art to reimagine a future of lasting social change.”

The works started being released as a collective on Dec. 7, 2020.

resource: operawire.com