Yamaha YM40 Marimba, 3.5 Octaves for £2,869.13

17 November 2020 75 views 0

The Yamaha YM40 Marimba is a tuned percussion instrument made up of wooden bars. These graduated bars project a full tone throughout the instrument’s range. Sounds are controlled by striking the bars with a mallet – The YM40 is capable of producing natural wooden sounds. Featuring an exclusive Yamaha tuning method that ensures this Marimba has an authentic pitch and full sound, suitable for most styles of music from orchestral works through to wind bands and brass bands. The instrument comes with a height adjustable frame that allows the player to move the instrument into the desirable position – ensuring comfort throughout play. The frame is compact which is great for a travelling musician who already has a lot of equipment and little space left over in their transportation. The compact size also benefits rehearsal settings. Stability and playability are both supported and maintained by the frame’s durable crossbar. The frame also features locking casters on the player’s side that are easily adjustable and positioned in a perfectly reachable area – securing the instrument in place during use.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Yamaha Tuning Method Ensures True Pitch & Full Sound
  • Padauk Wood Bars Produce a Natural Wood Sound & Feel
  • Height Adjustable Frame Provides Extra Comfort
  • Graduated Bars Produce a Full Tone & Projection
  • Compact Size Fits in Most Rehearsal Setting

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